OZ Lotto LogoAlso called Oz 7 Lotto or the Super 7’s Lotto, the Oz Lotto currently holds Australia’s record for the largest jackpot win in that country. Two tickets split AUD$106 million (US $109 million) in June of 2009, and now you can participate as well when you buy Oz Lotto syndicate tickets online from your favorite PC. Did you know that international lottery laws now allow you to legally purchase lottery online┬áin the biggest and most popular worldwide lotteries without leaving home? And do not worry if you have never played a lottery before, mate. One of the tickets that split that big record jackpot win we mentioned above belonged to a young couple who had never before played the lottery!

Introduced in 1994, this Australian lottery favorite sees your odds improved and your risks lowered by joining a syndicate. Your ticket purchases are added to those of other Oz Lotto Syndicate players, giving you many more chances to win without having you spend any more money than you would like. You just fire up your favorite computer or smartphone, pick Oz Lotto syndicate numbers through one of the links we provide on this page, pay for your selection and cross your fingers. There is no traveling to Australia to buy tickets, no waiting in long lines like a regular, brick-and-mortar lottery dealer, and no missing out on a weekly draw when you purchase anywhere from 1 to 12 consecutive draws. Let’s take a look at the exact process you need to follow.

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Unfortunately there are no lottery sites to recommend that we feel meet the high standards players need and expect. We recommend players buy their tickets from official lottery retailers.

How To Play OZLotto Syndicate Games Online

Playing Oz Lotto syndicate online is just like playing in person, except you don’t have to leave the comfort and privacy of your own home. You still select seven numbers out of a range from 1 to 45 for each ticket. And when you learn how to play Oz Lotto syndicate online, you discover that each syndicate purchase buys you 9 tickets in a single drawing! Paying for multiple draws at one time means you’ll never miss out when your lucky numbers would have hit, and with seven prize categories added to the increased odds of winning by playing in a syndicate, your chances get better still. Each new jackpot starts off at AUD$2 million ($2 million), and no rollover cap means a potentially massive payday. You may have noticed special links highlighted on this page. Those links take you to a licensed and regulated online lottery dealer who uses local messenger services in Australia to purchase your Oz Lotto syndicate tickets on your behalf. Your name is written on the tickets, the tickets are then scanned, and the images sent to your e-mail address.

Playing Oz Lotto syndicate online is really that simple. And if you win $600 or less, your winnings are instantly credited to the account you opened to buy tickets, or you can have a check sent to you. Understanding how to play Oz Lotto syndicate online puts the syndicate purchasing power to work for you, and allows you to play any time night or day, from the comfort and privacy of any computer or smartphone with an Internet connection. Now I know you are anxious to click one of the provided links and get started, but we need to give you one last piece of information so you do not make the error that this guy nearly did. In July of 2011 a single winner hit for AUD$20 million ($20 million), but did not realize it! He always played his family’s birthday numbers, and erroneously entered a completely different set this one time. When he saw his usual numbers did not win, he almost threw his ticket away! Luckily, he double-checked. When you play the Oz Lotto Syndicate through the links provided on this page, that will never happen, because you receive an email when you win. But just in case, we offer the feature below.

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Being able to buy OZ Lotto Syndicate tickets online not only gives you access to Australia’s biggest lottery game no matter where you are, but it also offers you the option of increasing your odds with the syndicate approach, which provides players with great playing power through a shared ticket group effort. WinTrillions also offers lottery subscriptions should you not be in the sharing mood, but are still in it to win it! Either way WinTrillions delivers the optimal online lottery experience! Check out their daily deals for bonuses!

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If you prefer not to play Oz Lotto under a syndicate, check out our main page to buy OZ Lotto tickets offering different options as well as winning numbers and results..