Mega Millions Lottery LogoThe Mega Millions lottery is one of the largest in the world, and is a multi jurisdictional offering that combines ticket sales from multiple US states. As recently as 2011, you could not buy Mega Millions tickets online because of the US Department of Justice ruling that online gambling was illegal. However, on December 23 of 2011 the DOJ gave an early Christmas present to lottery players everywhere, ruling that the Federal Wire Act of 1961 which prohibited online gambling only applied to sports betting.

What that means now is that even if you don’t live in one of the states represented by the MegaMillions lottery, you can now buy your Mega Millions numbers online from the comfort and safety of your home, giving you a chance for a life altering payday. How much can you win when you buy Mega Millions tickets online? The largest ever jackpot in Mega Millions history happened in 2012, when on March 30, three jackpot winning tickets split $656 million.

Most Trusted Online Lottery Sites To Buy Legitimate Mega Millions Lottery Tickets

Unfortunately there are no lottery sites to recommend that we feel meet the high standards players need and expect. We recommend players buy their tickets from official lottery retailers.

How To Play Mega Millions Online Lottery

Ready to find out just how to play Mega Millions online? Before you begin, you should understand a little about the game. The Mega Millions lottery began in 2002, and was originally called The Big Game. With advertised jackpots beginning at $12 million and paid in 26 yearly installments but also offering a cash option, the jackpot increases weekly when no overall winner is drawn. Playing Mega Millions online requires that you choose five numbers from 1 to 56 and one Mega Ball number from 1 to 46. If all your numbers match those drawn, you are the new Mega Millions jackpot winner.

In learning how to play Mega Millions online, you give yourself a chance at a multimillion dollar payday without waiting in any long lines. You also don’t have to get in your car and travel to the nearest Mega Millions outlet, or keep track of your lottery tickets. Playing Mega Millions online is so much easier than doing it yourself at a brick-and-mortar lottery outlet because your tickets are purchased for you at a licensed lottery retailer. If you win less than $600, your account is immediately credited for the winning amount, and winning over $600 means you are sent the correct paperwork to file for a check to be sent anywhere you like. Simply put, playing Mega Millions online is the easiest way to potentially harness the incredible financial power of one of the largest lotteries in the world, without leaving the comfort of your home.

To play MegaMillions online, simply click the ‘play now’ button at one of our featured online lottery agents below and you’ll be prompted to pick MegaMillions numbers online. Once you’ve selected your lottery numbers, you will be prompted to enter your credit card information to complete the transaction. You can choose to play for just one drawing, subscribe to be included in multiple consecutive drawings, or choose a Mega Millions lottery syndicate to increase your chances. An agent actually goes to the lottery ticket retail outlet and purchases your tickets for you, enabling you to play Mega Millions even if you don’t live in a state that sells MegaMillions lottery tickets. You will be sent copies of your tickets via email scan and you are also notified of the results via email. Of course you have the option of checking below for recent results as well to compare your ticket to the Mega Millions winning numbers.

Feel free to play the Mega Millions Lottery game right from here with the Wintrillions player interface below. You’ll also have access to claiming your free $5 bonus when you hit the ‘play’ button to submit your lottery picks.

Where To Buy Mega Millions Lottery Tickets Online?

Are you saying to yourself “Where Can I Buy Mega Millions Lottery Tickets Online”? We’ve got you covered. We have many different options for buying your MegaMillions lottery tickets. One of our favorites is Wintrillions, and you can use the form below to buy your tickets instantly.

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MegaMillions USA Results And Winning Lottery Numbers

After you purchase your tickets online, come back here and check your Mega Millions results after the weekly drawing. We post Mega Millions winning numbers every week so you’ll know quickly if you have become an overnight millionaire. And remember, you don’t have to match all numbers to be a partial winner. You can win a substantial amount of money without matching all five regular numbers and the Mega Ball number.

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