International Lottery ImageThe global reach and incredible power of the World Wide Web now allows lottery lovers around the world to buy international lottery tickets as well as those offered by their own home country. There are so many wonderful chances at a life altering payday offered through several single nation and transnational lotteries, that players who may have moved from their home country and desire to play in a lotto they grew up enjoying now have that ability with world lottery access online. And what was previously offered in many countries is now available in the United States as well. With international lottery offerings such as Euro Millions, the Spanish El Gordo Lottery and the brand new Eurojackpot, your computer and a few lucky numbers are all that stand between you and a multimillion dollar payday.

We live in a wonderful age of instant information access, and that means whether you are sitting at your office on lunch break, are at home enjoying your favorite recliner or have 5 minutes any other time of the day, you can buy international lottery tickets online. If you have ever played in a lottery at a physical retail outlet, the process is the same, except you must first open an account at a licensed and regulated international lottery reseller online. On this website we are proud to offer links to only the most reputable and officially licensed online lottery resellers that offer access to the biggest world lottery contests located around the globe.

We also offer an international lottery results page where we post world lottery winning numbers as soon as they have been drawn and verified. Without having to drive to your neighborhood lottery retailer, with no waiting in long lines and not having to keep track of your physical lottery tickets, playing an international lottery online just makes so much sense. The international lottery resellers we provide links to actually purchase your lottery tickets in the appropriate jurisdiction for you, and keep track of them as well. You receive e-mail verification of the numbers purchased, as well as winning e-mail notifications.

We want to be your number one world lottery resource on the World Wide Web, and work hard to give you everything you need on this one site. You see, we play lotteries ourselves, and understand the excitement that comes with checking your world lottery resorts against your chosen “lucky” numbers. And for such a low cost investment in a possibly life changing multimillion dollar payday, the ability to access multiple world lotteries from your favorite PC anytime of the day or night makes playing international lottery contests a winning bet every time.

International Lotteries

Following are all the International Lotteries from all over the world. To learn more about any of these lotteries, simply click on the review link. For one click direct access to buying International lottery tickets online, you can click on the ‘Play” button for the lottery which you are interested in playing. You will be directed to an official online lottery agent who will provide you with the opportunity to buy your lottery tickets online using their streamlined and simple user interface.

Lottery Review
Australia – Oz Lotto Oz Lotto
AUS Powerball AUS Powerball Lotto
Austria – Lotto Austria Lotto
Brazil – Dupla Sena Dupla Sena
Brazil – Mega Sena Mega Sena
Brazil – Quina Quina
Canada – Lotto 649 Lotto 649
Eur – Euromillions Euromillions
Eur -Eurojackpot Eurojackpot
France – Lotto France Loto
German – Lotto German Lotto
Ireland – Lotto Irish Lotto
Italy – SuperEnalotto SuperEnalotto
Italy – SuperStar SuperStar
Spain – BonoLoto BonoLoto
Spain – El Gordo El Gordo
Spain – La Primitiva La Primitiva
UK – Euromillions UK Euromillions UK
UK – National Lottery UK National Lottery
US – CA Super Lotto Super Lotto
US – Florida Lotto Florida Lotto
US – Florida Powerball Florida Powerball
US – Hot Lotto Hot Lotto
US – Mega Millions Mega Millions
US – New Jersey Pick Six
US – NC Powerball NC Powerball
US – NY Lotto NY Lotto
US – NY Powerball NY Powerball
US – NY Sweet Million Sweet Million
US – Oregon Megabucks Megabucks
US – Powerball US Powerball
US – Texas Powerball Texas Powerball

World Wide International Lottery Results And Current Winning Numbers

In our ongoing effort to be your one-stop destination for online international lottery information, we are constantly updating our site with the latest winning numbers as well as the newest world lottery games as they become available online. So get started in the international lottery game today by opening an account with one of the secure links we provide, bookmark this page, check back often, and good luck in your efforts at becoming the next big world lottery winner.