Austria LottoAt one time we provided information on playing the Austria Lotto online. We are disappointed to now tell you that the only online lottery retailers that we can confidently recommend no longer offer this option in their repertoire. Known worldwide by lottery aficionados as one of the lottery games with the highest payouts throughout the multiple prize categories, one in every 16 tickets wins a cash prize, making it one of the most generously paying games found anywhere in the worldwide lottery community.

Buying Austrian Lotto tickets online facilitated players seeking to get lucky like the October 2011 jackpot winner who took home a cool €10 million (12.5 million). Before this change, any player with an Internet connection could buy online lottery tickets through a registered and licensed online lottery agent. At such time as this lottery game is added back into the menu by reputable online lottery agents, we will update this page to reflect that information.

Play Austrian Lottery At The Following Websites

While our recommended lottery agents may not provide access to this specific lottery game, they do offer purchase options for a strong selection of International lotteries and USA lottery games.  You can visit the sites directly through the links you find in the table below, or you can visit the reviews of each of these brands for more insight.

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LottoKings Logo Daily Promotions 5 star Rating USA Friendly Site Visit Site Review

How To Play Austrian Lotto Online

If you want to know how to play the Austrian Lotto online, you first have to open an account with a registered and licensed online lottery retailer. These companies use a messenger service in Austria to physically buy your tickets. Your name is written on the tickets, the images are scanned and sent to you in an e-mail, and your physical tickets are kept in a safe deposit box. This means you don’t have to worry about possibly losing what was a winning ticket, or flying to Austria just to be able to play. The physical process of playing Austria Lotto online is pretty much like the process in a brick-and-mortar lottery retail outlet, with a couple of differences.

All you have to have is a computer with an Internet connection. Then you just choose six numbers from a pool of 1 to 45, and a bonus number, called “Zusatzzahl” in Austria. Hit all six of your numbers and you win the jackpot, and with drawings every Sunday and Wednesday you have two chances every week to play. With nine cash award categories and the bonus ball payoff, there are multiple ways to win, and each new jackpot starts off at €1.5 million ($1.88 million).

Austrian Lottery Results And Winning Numbers

While we may not offer purchase options for the Austrian national lottery, we can provide this link to their official website so that you can get the most current and accurate information concerning the results and winning numbers for this Austrian Lottery game. Just visit their official website here:  Austria Lottery Results

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