A 2012 study showed that approximately $60 billion a year is spent on different lotteries in the United States alone. Evidently people in Massachusetts love playing the lottery, as they spent $4.5 billion in total ticket sales in 2012. Residents in the Big Apple bought $6.8 billion of lottery tickets that year, and lottery lovers in Georgia help push that state’s average annual lottery spending per adult to over $470. The majority of that money is spent in physical lottery retail outlets, and most states do not allow you to use your credit or debit card to purchase lottery tickets online. But thanks to two awesome changes in technology and legislation recently, you can now actually purchase your tickets from your favorite PC, using online lottery sites accepting Visa and other credit cards.

Featured Lottery Sites Accepting Visa For Ticket Purchases

Unfortunately there are no lottery sites to recommend that we feel meet the high standards players need and expect. We recommend players buy their tickets from official lottery retailers.

Is It Legal To Buy Lottery Tickets Online With Visa?

In 2011 lawmakers in the United States Department Of Justice decided that purchasing lottery tickets online is not the same as other forms of gambling, and legalized it. So this wonderful new legislative opportunity means you no longer have to leave your home and stand in a long line at your local gas station or lottery retail outlet to purchase tickets for the Powerball or Mega Millions lotteries. And the positive technological change actually combines the “always on” availability of the Internet and physical messenger services to allow you to purchase tickets in literally dozens of lotteries around the world from your smartphone or PC. The lottery sites accepting Visa and other major credit cards combine the safety and security of your preferred payment method with the convenient and time-saving access the World Wide Web provides.

How Does Buying Lottery Tickets Online With Visa Actually Work?

You already use your Visa card for most of your major purchases. And you may even benefit from some type of reward program that Visa offers. So it only makes sense that you use your Visa debit or credit card to purchase your lottery tickets, especially since the lottery sites that accept Visa do all the hard work for you. These particular lottery agents actually send physical messenger service employees to purchase your Mega Millions, Powerball and other lottery tickets for you. All you do is log onto their site, pick the particular lottery ticket package you desire, and use your Visa card to pay for your purchase. Once your physical tickets are in hand, the company scans them and sends you an e-mail with those scanned images to prove your tickets were actually purchased. If you are a lucky winner, the company then works with you to help you collect payment, making for a much more attractive lottery purchase than the traditional method.

The world in the 21st century is incredibly busy and hectic. We all have families, friends, work schedules and activities that take up the vast majority of our time. Think about it. Would you rather stop what you are doing, get in your vehicle, drive to the nearest lottery ticket location, wait in line and purchase your physical tickets, or click your mouse button a few times and enter your Visa card information from your cozy couch or relaxing recliner and obtain your tickets that way? The few lottery sites that welcome Visa as a payment option for your lottery tickets just make so much sense, and they actually provide a wide range of domestic and International options you cannot always get at your local lottery retail outlet.

Can I Set Up Automatic Lottery Ticket Purchase Options With My Visa Card?

You can actually set up an auto payment system with some lottery sites that take Visa so that you buy a certain number of tickets once a week automatically, scheduled on a subscription basis. Ever missed the deadline when the Powerball or Mega Millions lottery had reached a huge total? That does not have to happen again, thanks to online lottery sites accepting credit cards, debit cards, and of course, Visa cards. There is a small fee that these convenient websites charge for the service they provide, but it is a minimal in most cases when compared with the speedy, 24/7, safe and secure lottery purchasing opportunity they provide. And many of these sites actually offer access to worldwide International lotteries, not just those offered in your particular state. USA lottery players do not have access to many of the e-wallet options afforded international lottery ticket purchasers. However, as a lottery player from the United States, the ability to use your Visa card to purchase lottery tickets online is not only convenient and quick, but also safe, secure and reliable. For your convenience we have also added a guide covering lottery sites that accept MasterCard payments for lottery ticket purchases.

Where Can I Buy Lottery Tickets Online With Visa Legally?

Finding a legitimate and secure online lottery agent may not be the easiest endeavor you take on in life. Our team of online lottery professionals has done the leg work for you and has vetted multiple lottery agents accepting Visa to provide players with a listing of the most secure and reputable lottery agent options that you can trust for your online lottery ticket purchases. We put each brand through a stringent review process that verified their legitimacy within the industry, including confirming that they are licensed and compliance certified as legal lottery agents from a recognized and respected licensing jurisdiction. We then reviewed their security profile to ensure that they utilize the most sophisticated SSL coding and data encryption technology, that they employ anti-virus and firewall protection, as well as fraud prevention systems which are monitored 24/7. Once we confirmed that these lottery agents are legitimately licensed and secure, we then went on to review their lottery selection, banking suite operations, and administrative support and processes. We purchased tickets for multiple lotteries to determine consistency and performance, and found these agents to provide a high quality ticket purchase experience. Some of them even provide incentives which include free tickets and discounts.