Lottery LogoWhether you are aiming to win the life-changing Mega Millions lottery, or you want to cash in on this week’s huge Powerball drawing, you have come to the right place to buy lottery tickets online. You can legally purchase tickets for lotteries sponsored across the United States and around the world. This was a legal impossibility up until 2011. However, the Department of Justice (DOJ) ruled in late 2011 that the Federal Wire Act of 1961 only prevents online sports gambling, and doesn’t apply to the many single state and multi state lotteries offered in the United States.

What does that mean for you? It means no more waiting in a long line to purchase your tickets, and no scrambling around at the last minute to get to a lottery retail location so that you can buy your tickets in time for the next drawing. Here at you will find links to United States lottery offerings and popular global lotteries, and we update our site frequently.

Top Rated Online Lottery Websites – Safe And Secure Sites

The following websites are both USA friendly and are considered reputable retailers to purchase your online lottery tickets at.  Check out our detailed reviews for a more comprehensive overview.

Site Name Bonus Rating USA Friendly Visit Site Review
WinTrillions Logo Daily Promotions 5 Star Rating USA Friendly Site Visit Site Review
LottoKings Logo Daily Promotions 5 star Rating USA Friendly Site Visit Site Review

How To Buy Online Lottery Tickets

What exactly do you need to do to buy online lottery tickets? You can follow the links provided below to the particular lottery contests you want to participate in. Choose your form of payment, the number and type of tickets you want, and then just check out.  You will find a comprehensive list of all of the United States Lotteries on our buy USA lottery online page, and a listing of the most popular global lotteries on our international world wide lottery page.

Snuggle up to your favorite PC, get comfortable, and choose what you think will be the winning numbers from the privacy and comfort of your own home. The option to buy lottery tickets online has combined lottery convenience with technological advancements offering a secure online lottery experience – the best of both worlds! All of the lottery agents featured in this guide do accept credit card lottery ticket purchases, welcoming all of the major brands of credit card companies, including lottery sites that accept Visa as well as online lottery agents accepting MasterCard.

Below you will find a table with the most popular lottery games both in the United States and around the world. We also provide access to a comprehensive listing of every single US lottery game available. You will find incredible bonuses at one of the licensed lottery retailers we recommend.

Where Can I Buy Lotto Tickets Online Legally?

LawbookThis site was developed to answer that very question! Sadly, players need to be very very cautious when purchasing online lottery tickets. There are a number of online lottery scams circulating, and unfortunately, many players blindly follow them into their lair of doom. We want to counter their dangerous efforts by providing a safe, reliable, and accurate guide to buying lottery tickets online legally, and we have only aligned ourselves with licensed, regulated and secure lottery brands.

We feature two legally sanctioned online lottery agents which provide access to official lottery games all over the world. The lottery sites we recommend submit to industry regulatory procedures and policies and licensing boards and have been found to deliver a secure, legitimate and reliable online lottery service. In the table above, you will find one-click access and a brief overview of each of them, as well as access to a detailed review on each brand.

 Most Popular Lottery Games Available For Online Purchase

  By Lottery Game   By State Lottery
Powerball Lottery USA Powerball 

Powerball is the largest progressive lottery in the United States. Buy your powerball tickets from our list of recommended online powerball retailers.

California Lottery Logo California Lottery 

The California Lottery is also referred to as the Super Lotto and offers a huge payout potential. Our featured lottery agents allow players to pick numbers and buy CA SuperLotto tickets online.

Mega Millions Lottery Logo USA Mega Millions 

MegaMillions is 1 of 3 online lotteries available to USA players. Jackpots exceed $100 million regularly and you can buy your lottery tickets online instantly.

Florida Flamingo Florida Lottery 

The Florida Lotto games are actually popular globally because the jackpots grow to be so large. Players can participate in this exciting jackpot game from anywhere in the world.

USA Hot Lotto USA Hot Lotto 

While the jackpots aren’t huge, players love HotLotto because there are only 39 numbers and increased odds of hitting all 6 for the big one.

UK National Lottery Logo UK National Lottery 

The UK National Lottery manages huge jackpot prizes while also contributing to over 800 charities. You can play twice a week and from anywhere in the world.

New Jersey Lottery Logo New Jersey Lottery 

Also known as the Pick Six Lotto due to its classic lottery structure, this lottery jackpot game is considered a good cost to benefit ratio and is a very popular USA lottery.

EuroMillions Lottery Logo Euro Millions 

Definitely one of the world’s riches lottery jackpot games, EuroMillions attracts players from all over the world, many of which buy their Euromillions tickets online.

New York Lottery New York Lottery 

The NY Lottery jackpot has been known to grow quite large, and players love the second chance bonus number which helps players who don’t win the jackpot score a second prize.

ElGordo Spain El Gordo 

Spain’s El Gordo lottery game has awarded enormous multimillion dollar jackpots, and includes 8 exciting secondary prize categories for players.

North Carolina Lotter North Carolina Lottery 

The various NC lottery games have certainly become increasingly popular with convenient online access worldwide. Buy NC lottery tickets to such games as the NC Powerball!

Huge Jackpots Available

The Powerball and Mega Millions lotteries consistently offer jackpots of $50 million to $100 million, because they draw off of ticket sales in multiple states. In 2012, the largest United States lottery jackpot payout of all time was delivered to three lucky ticket holders in the $656 million Mega Millions jackpot drawing of March 30, 2012. That record-smashing, life-changing total was made possible thanks to the relatively new ability to buy online lottery tickets, which adds millions of dollars to the possible payout you can take home when you buy your tickets online.

And check back frequently because we are going to be adding tips and tricks to improve your online lottery play, we will always provide late breaking and up-to-the-minute online and off-line lottery news, and we value your input. You know what they say, you can’t win if you don’t play, and nothing would make us more happy than to hear one of our visitors hit the jackpot.

Our Mission

We developed this site as soon as we heard that the United States DOJ had changed their position on the legality of purchasing lottery tickets online. We regularly play the lottery ourselves, so we were excited at the possibility of buying lottery tickets online from home! And while the Mega Millions and Powerball lotteries are the two largest multi state lotteries offered in the United States, we also list individual state lottery games as they becomes available online. It is still up to each individual state to offer online lottery ticket purchases, and our industry contacts keep us up to date with current news in the online lottery game. That means checking back frequently will always alert you to any changes in the online lottery system, putting you in the best possible situation to win without leaving your home.

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