North Carolina LotterWhile we have a couple recommendations to buy your North Carolina lottery tickets online, these options typically include the mega jackpots such as the North Carolina Powerball or Mega Millions Lottery, which can be bought through single player options or lottery syndicates. Most of the official online lottery agents that we feature only cover a handful of individual state lotteries, and at this time, the NC state lottery games such as pick 4, pick 3 etc.. are not among them. This does not mean that you cannot get in on some enormous jackpot potential though. The lottery agents featured below offer options for the most popular and exciting official lotteries worldwide, all of which can be played online no matter where you live. No longer are we bound by borders and distance when it comes to playing our favorite lottery games!

Where Can I Buy North Carolina Lottery Tickets Online?

Below you will find our recommendations for legitimate online lottery agents and retailers. While these sites don’t offer the typical North Carolina lottery games, they do offer the opportunity to buy the big North Carolina jackpot games.

Buy North Carolina Lottery Tickets Online At These Websites

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About The North Carolina Lottery

The North Carolina lottery, previously named the North Carolina Education Lottery or NCEL, was signed into existence after Governor Mike Easley approved the North Carolina State Lottery Act and 2005 Appropriations Act. Located in the heart of the “Bible Belt” the Tar Heel State was the last on the East Coast of the United States to develop a lottery, but currently the NC lottery offerings include the Carolina Pick 3, Carolina Pick 4, Carolina Cash 5 and several scratch off ticket games. The multi state and multi jurisdictional Powerball and Mega Millions lotteries are also offered. Unlike many of the lotteries played in the United States, the NC lottery Pick 3, Pick 4 and Cash 5 games are not available online.

50% of all North Carolina lottery proceeds are paid out to winning players, 35% goes to education needs and funding in the state, and the remaining 15% go to retailers as commission and for other costs. When you purchase NC lottery tickets, it is a good feeling knowing 35 cents out of every dollar you spend goes to a worthy educational cause. The Carolina Pick 3 and Carolina Pick 4 North Carolina lottery games are drawn twice a day, and Carolina Cash 5 is drawn nightly. The instant scratch off tickets exist in dozens of varieties, often using seasonal holidays as themes, and can be purchased for anywhere from $1 to $20 each.

How To Play NC Lottery Online

North Carolina Powerball LotteryTo play NC lottery games, you simply travel to a land-based lottery retail outlet, select your game and pay for your purchases. The North Carolina lottery offerings are not currently available online. Playing the Carolina Pick 3 game requires that you choose three numbers from 0 through 9, and the Carolina Pick 4 game is played the same way, except that you must choose four lucky numbers. If the North Carolina lottery results match the numbers you chose on the date that you played, you are a winner. These games can be played in 50/50, Exact, Any and Combo modes, and these features change your odds and payout. Tickets can be purchased for $0.50 or $1.00.

The Carolina Cash 5 simply requires that you choose any five numbers from 1 through 39, and the jackpot prize begins at $50,000, rolling over and growing in size until at least one ticket holder matches all five numbers. Carolina Cash 5 tickets are $1.00 apiece, and the overall odds of winning some prize is a very generous 1 in 9. You can win some prize if you match two, three or four numbers, and obviously the jackpot when you hit all five numbers. The odds of winning the Carolina Cash 5 jackpot are 1 in 575,757.

While the NC Lottery may not be available to play online at this time, there are other life changing jackpots waiting to be won, such as the huge Powerball jackpot, which is one of the world’s largest lottery jackpots. You can use the player interface you see directly below sponsored by WinTrillions, one of our featured online lottery agents. You can pick your numbers, and hit play to purchase your tickets. To learn more about WinTrillions, you can check out our comprehensive Wintrillions Review.

North Carolina Lottery Results And Winning Numbers

The North Carolina winning numbers for the different lotteries are broadcast on the following TV stations – WRAL-TV in Raleigh, WITN-TV in eastern North Carolina, WCNC-TV in Charlotte, WILM-LD in Wilmington, WLOS in Asheville and WXLV-TV in Greensboro/Winston-Salem/High Point. And if the North Carolina lottery results show that you are a winner, you have 90 days to claim a scratch off ticket winner and 180 days on all others. North Carolina lottery results are posted within minutes of the official drawing at the more than 6,600 lottery retailers throughout the Tar Heel state, and you can even check to see if you have the North Carolina winning numbers for your lottery contest online. You can also check for the results on the North Carolina Education Lottery Website.