Playing the lottery is an activity engaged in by people all around the world. And finally, there are online lottery sites accepting MasterCard as a purchasing option. Some players in countries other than the US are already familiar with using their preferred credit card to buy lottery tickets online. But in the United States this has not been possible until recently. The old regulation lumped playing the lottery online in with forms of Internet gambling, but that has changed. Federal authorities in the USA have decided that Americans should be able to purchase lottery tickets online if they choose to.

Also, payment processing technology has improved drastically over the last few years, and credit card companies like Master Card offer the latest in information and transaction protection and security. And with more and more Americans and global lottery lovers spending a great deal of time on their smartphones, some secure MasterCard lottery sites are now offering a mobile experience. Along with the amazing improvements in technology that the 21st century has brought, you can now add the ability to buy lottery tickets from your smartphone, laptop or PC, any time night or day.

Lottery Sites Accepting MasterCard For Ticket Purchases

Unfortunately there are no lottery sites to recommend that we feel meet the high standards players need and expect. We recommend players buy their tickets from official lottery retailers.

Where Can I Find Online Lottery Agents Accepting MasterCard?

Due to these new legislative changes around the world which are much friendlier to online lottery ticket purchasing, you can now use your MasterCard prepaid, debit or charge account to participate in lotteries held around the world. You can certainly still head over to your nearest physical lottery retailer and play whatever lottery is available to you locally. But several companies have developed worldwide networks of lottery experts in all the cities around the world that host lotteries. This means that you can play in the Mega Millions, Powerball and different state lotteries that are hosted in the U.S., as well as buy tickets for Euro Millions, the Spanish El Gordo Lottery and the brand new Eurojackpot, no matter what your nationality is, or where you are located.

How Does My Actual Lottery Ticket Get Purchased?

Yes, you can now buy lottery tickets with your MasterCard from the comfort and privacy of your favorite PC or smartphone, and participate in hundreds of lotteries worldwide. Here is how it works. There are companies who use local messenger services around the world to purchase your lottery tickets for you. Those tickets are then scanned and e-mail proof is sent to you. You pay the company a small fee for handling the transaction and using the messenger service, and obviously pay for the price of the tickets. That is it. You can buy lottery tickets with your MasterCard right now and a trained lottery purchasing messenger service employee somewhere in the world will be working for you to buy your tickets.

Extra Benefits Of Using MasterCard To Buy Lottery Tickets Online

Another great plus to using your MasterCard to purchase lottery tickets is that these companies will help you collect any winnings, and immediately transfer them to your private account without taking an additional commission. This new ability delivered by technology also provides several benefits that physical lottery ticket purchasing can not deliver. The top online lottery ticket services offer welcome bonuses, multi-player syndicate purchasing power, and some will even give you free lottery tickets when you open an account. You may also receive VIP membership with a host of special rewards, package savings when you make a multi-draw purchase, Tell-A-Friend bonuses and convenient subscription services. Lottery subscriptions mean you can set up your MasterCard for automatic ticket purchases and never miss a drawing. These are benefits which are obviously not available at a brick-and-mortar lottery outlet, and when combined with the MasterCard Secure Code and 128 bit SSL data encryption security technologies that company offers, buying lottery tickets online is a safe and guaranteed winner.