OZ Lotto LogoWhen you buy Oz Lotto tickets online, you participate in one of the oldest online lotteries found anywhere in the world. Started way back in 1994, the Oz Lotto is an Australian lottery which provides a minimum $2 million jackpot to be split among those ticket holders who hold all seven winning numbers. And thanks to recent changes that legalized online lottery ticket sales in the United States and around the world, you can now pick Oz Lotto numbers online from your favorite PC any time night or day, no matter where you are located as long as you have an Internet connection.

All seven numbers must be matched for a jackpot payday, but there are seven different levels of winning that you access when you buy Oz Lotto tickets online. This form of the Australian lottery provides a 1 in 55 chances of winning some prize, and your chances of hitting the ultimate jackpot when you pick Oz Lotto numbers online from a licensed Internet retailer are 1 in 45,379,620. There are specific steps you have to follow that are different from purchasing at a physical lottery retailer, and we outline those next, also providing licensed links so you can do just that.

Most Trusted Lottery Retailers To Buy OZ Lotto Tickets

Unfortunately there are no lottery sites to recommend that we feel meet the high standards players need and expect. We recommend players buy their tickets from official lottery retailers.

How To Play The OZ Lotto Online

If you want to know how to play Oz Lotto online, there are really only a couple of simple steps you need to follow. First, you have to open an account with a licensed international online lottery reseller. After that the process is pretty much the same as purchasing tickets in person, except you don’t have to travel to Australia, wait in long lines, worry about losing your tickets, and scramble around to buy your tickets before an approaching deadline.

Since you can buy online lottery tickets¬†from any computer that has an Internet connection, regardless where you live in the world and any time night or day, you harness the powerful reach of the World Wide Web to give you a chance at becoming the next Aussie powered millionaire. Knowing how to play also Lotto online properly, however, means opening up an account at a licensed online lottery reseller, and we provide links on this page to the top websites who do exactly that. Then you simply pick 7 numbers out of a pool of 45, page for your tickets, and you are done. Next, let’s look at exactly where you can get your Oz Lotto results online.


OZ Lotto Results And Winning Numbers

Obviously, after you have purchased tickets you need to know where to go to check the Oz Lotto results. After all, you may have the Oz Lotto winning numbers and not even know it! We have you covered there as well. After you bookmark this page and check back after the lottery drawings on Tuesday night, we will have all the information you need to find out if you are the next big jackpot winner. We only post the Oz Lotto results after they have been drawn and verified, so you know our information is golden. Here is hoping your lucky Oz Lotto tickets are also golden, and we wish you the best of luck when you participate in this form of the Australian lottery online.

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