BonoLotoUPDATE: The BonoLoto Lottery Game from Spain is not being offered through our trusted online lottery retailers at this specific time. Regretfully the game has been removed from the menu.  Drawings for the BonoLoto are still taking place, you just have to purchase your tickets in person, which leaves a lot of us out of the fun.  We hope that the status of this game among our preferred lottery agents will become more favorable, but we are not sure if the game will actually ever be added back into the menu.  If it does get added, we will update this page immediately.

Thanks to the worldwide reach of the Internet, you can now buy BonoLoto tickets online and participate in one of Spain’s biggest national lotteries. As one of the Primitiva group of Spanish national lotteries, the BonoLoto lottery began way back in 1988 with the idea in mind that it would offer a multiple draw weekly lottery at an affordable price. Drawn Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Friday, the Spanish BonoLoto delivers up to four times the opportunities to play when compared to a traditional one draw weekly lottery. But thanks to the Internet and licensed online lottery dealers, you can pick BonoLoto numbers from the comfort and privacy of your favorite PC, any time night or day, and play this powerful lottery whenever you like, without having to travel to Spain to buy tickets.

The largest BonoLoto jackpot occurred in 1990 when a single ticket-holder won more than €7 million ($8.8 million). That same year, 94 co-workers formed a syndicate and played the lottery together, hitting a €3.2 million ($4.0 million) jackpot. Playing in a syndicate means your ticket purchases are added with other players, giving you many more chances to win, with everyone splitting the earnings of any and all ticket holders. This is a powerful way to improve your odds and lower your risk, while still only playing your usual amount of tickets. And now that you can pick BonoLoto numbers before or after work, on your lunch break, or while relaxing at home in only a couple of minutes from your favorite PC or smartphone, you too can get a chance to experience a life altering multimillion dollar payday. There are just a few things you need to know before you buy online lottery tickets.

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How To Play Bono Loto Online

When you discover just how to play BonoLoto online, you discover just how simple and easy it really is. You merely sign up with a licensed online lottery dealer whose links we provide right here on this page, choose the Spanish BonoLoto lottery, play your lucky numbers and pay for your tickets. An actual messenger service in Spain physically purchases your tickets on your behalf and then writes your name on them. They are then scanned, and the images are sent to your e-mail address. And playing BonoLoto online is just as easy as purchasing tickets in a physical store, except you don’t have to leave home to do it. Just choose six numbers from 1 to 49, and if those six match the winning numbers that are drawn on the dates you play, you are the next jackpot winner.

You can enter your numbers manually, or use the Quick Pick random number selector. And playing BonoLoto online gives you the availability of discounted ticket purchases, subscription services, and multidraws. There are also four secondary prize divisions, for five chances to win each BonoLoto drawing. The BonoLoto jackpots begin at €400,000 ($500,000), and that jackpot grows each time a prize is not claimed. Since there are four draws every week, it does not take very long for jackpots to become substantial. Just one more bit of information you need to know.

BonoLoto Lottery Results And Winning Numbers

Go ahead and bookmark this page now, then after you have purchased your BonoLoto Spanish lottery tickets, head right back here for the BonoLoto results. As soon as the BonoLoto winning numbers have been drawn and verified, we provide links right on this page so you can access that information. As the premier destination for online lottery purchase and results information, we will always keep you “in the know” regarding any and every international, national or multinational lottery which is offered online. So bookmark this page for your one-stop destination of online lottery information, hit one of the special links below, and head over to a licensed online lottery dealer for your BonoLoto tickets. We wish you the best of luck when you play one of Spain’s most popular lotteries online, and if you hit the big time, do not forget who showed you how to play!

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