Irish Lotto LogoUpdate: 1/2019: The Irish Lotto Syndicate has been removed from the menu at our recommended online lottery retailer.  The Irish Lotto draws are still taking place, however the tickets must be purchased in person, and there are no longer syndicate options at this time.  If one of our recommended lottery agents resumes the Irish Lotto Syndicate, we will update this page.  The lottery site you see featured on this page does offer a variety of other syndicates and lottery games to play online.

It is now possible to buy Irish Lotto syndicate tickets online from any computer with an Internet connection, anywhere in the world. And when you do, you have access to what are possibly the best odds of any national lottery offered online. Started off as the Ireland Lotto in 1988, the 6/45 format means that you are a whopping 42% more likely to win the Ireland Lotto jackpot when you pick Irish Lotto syndicate numbers than with the standard 6/49 structure used in most large national and international lotteries. Simply reducing the guess range by four numbers drastically improves your odds of winning, as does participating in a syndicate as opposed to only playing your unique set of numbers. There is no denying that buying your lottery tickets online has a host of benefits to players. How popular is the Irish Lotto sweepstakes? An incredible two out of three Irish adults have participated in the Ireland Lotto on a regular basis since it began.

And instead of having to be present in Ireland to buy Irish Lotto syndicate tickets online, licensed online lottery dealers use physical messenger services located in Ireland to purchase your tickets for you. You pay a nominal fee for the messenger service plus the cost of your tickets, and you have the same favorable chances at winning as someone who lives in the land of the leprechauns. With a starting jackpot of €2 million ($2.5 million) and two draws every week on Wednesday and Saturday, this popular Irish lottery can get big in a hurry. When you pick Irish Lotto syndicate numbers online, you have a chance at breaking the record jackpot prize of €18,963,441 ($23.9 million). That prize was claimed by 16 workers at a concrete factory in June of 2008, and guess how they participated. They played together as a syndicate!

How To Play Irish Lotto Syndicate Games Online

The good news is that learning how to play Irish Lotto syndicate online is incredibly simple. But you must first follow one of the links on this page that takes you to a licensed and regulated online lottery dealer. After you open and fund your ticket purchasing account, playing Irish Lotto syndicate online is just the same as if you were located on the Emerald Isle itself. You select six numbers from a range of 1 to 45. When the winning numbers are drawn, six regular numbers and a bonus number are selected from a single drum. Match all six of your lucky numbers and you have just become the next Irish Lotto multimillionaire.

But even if you do not hit all six of the numbers you chose, playing Irish Lotto syndicate online can still be profitable. Match three, four or five of the numbers that you selected, with or without the bonus number, and you are still a winner. Learning how to play Irish Lotto syndicate online truly does give you access to some of the best odds found on any large national lottery in the world, and the syndicate purchasing power improves your winning odds dramatically. That is exactly what a syndicate did for the current jackpot winners from that concrete factory in 2008 who were smart enough to pool their tickets together and play as one. And with odds of 1 in 8 million for the jackpot, your chances are the best you will find anywhere.

You can learn more about how online lottery syndicates work here.

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