Euro Jackpot LogoWhen you buy EuroJackpot syndicate tickets online through one of the specially provided links on this page, you get access to Europe’s newest premier lottery. The first EuroJackpot drawing was held on March 23 of 2012, and uses a purchasing pool of nine different European countries. What is so special about the EuroJackpot? The jackpots are often very high, there are a full 12 different winning categories, and your odds of winning some prize start off at a very generous 1 in 35. And now you can pick EuroJackpot syndicate numbers from anywhere in the world, on any computer or smartphone with an Internet connection, any time night or day.

Would you like to know how the power of syndicate purchasing improves your odds and lowers your risks when playing a lottery? If you have ever played the lottery with family, friends or coworkers and pooled all your lottery tickets together, that is exactly what a syndicate does. Your EuroJackpot tickets are added to those of other members in your syndicate, exponentially multiplying your chances at winning. If anyone in the syndicate hits their numbers, everyone in the syndicate splits the prize money. Your odds of winning go up, but your individual financial outlay stays the same. That is just smart lottery play. Next we will break down the exact steps you need to take right now to pick EuroJackpot syndicate numbers the next time you have 5 minutes to spare and a computer with Internet access.

How To Play Euro Jackpot Syndicates Games Online

Traditionally, you would have to physically be present in a country to play their lottery. But when you learn how to play EuroJackpot syndicate online by following one of the exclusive links provided on this page, you ramp up your chances of winning, you can purchase tickets night or day from the privacy and safety of your favorite PC, and you do not have to be present in one of the nine European countries which participates in this exciting new national lottery. And playing Euro Jackpot syndicate online is just like playing in person. You first select five numbers out of a range of 1 to 50, and two extra numbers from a range of 1 to 8. You then simply pay for your purchase and you are in. But you must buy your tickets from a licensed and regulated online lottery dealer first, and any of the specially provided links on this page will take you straight there.

Now that you know how to play EuroJackpot syndicate online, you have earned the right for a chance at winning the newest European jackpot which starts out with a tax-free €10 million ($12.6 million). And every time the jackpot lottery is not hit by some lucky player, the potential payday grows until the EuroJackpot cap of €90 million ($113 million) is hit. With a large starting jackpot, better odds at winning some prize than most large national lotteries, and the purchasing power of participating in a syndicate, playing EuroJackpot syndicate online gives you worldwide access at a potentially life-changing payday without ever leaving home.

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