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Thanks to recent changes in national and international laws governing lottery ticket purchases online, you can actually pick Florida Lottery syndicate numbers from your PC or smartphone any time night or day without ever traveling to Florida. The Florida Lotto began in May of 1988, and one 43-year-old man began playing from the very start. Using the same exact numbers every time he played, in 2011 this persistent lottery player of 23 years won a Florida Lotto jackpot of $35 million as a 66-year-old man! And he still plays the same numbers every week.

The largest Florida Lotto jackpot ever was $106 million awarded in September of 1990, and now that you can buy Florida syndicate tickets online without leaving your home or office, you have access to such a potentially profitable payday as well. However, you must first open an account with a licensed online lottery dealer before you can pick Florida syndicate numbers at your convenience from your favorite PC. Fortunately, we here at buy online lottery provide links on this page to reputable, licensed online lottery dealers so you can buy Florida syndicate tickets online and hopefully become the next Florida lottery multimillionaire. Let’s take a look now at exactly what you need to do so you can get in on the very next Florida Lotto syndicate.

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How Can I Buy Florida Lottery Syndicate Tickets Instantly?

If you want instant access to the Florida Lottery syndicate options, then this form will help you get started:

How To Play Florida Lottery Syndicate Games Online

As we mentioned above, if you want to know how to play Florida syndicate online, you must first follow one of the links we provide below to an online licensed lottery dealer. We review the most trusted lottery sites here. They actually hire a messenger service in Florida on your behalf who purchases the physical tickets at a brick-and-mortar Florida Lotto outlet. Those tickets have your name written on them, they are then scanned and sent to your e-mail address. Just like that, and you are playing Florida syndicate online. And if you are wondering just what a lottery syndicate is, it is the most powerful way to multiply your chances of winning, without spending any more money than you usually would in a lottery.

The word syndicate simply means group, and playing Florida syndicate online means your ticket purchases are added to others in your syndicate group. This gives you many more chances to win, and also improve your odds dramatically. Did you know that three out of every four lotteries worldwide are won by syndicates? Also, one out of every three syndicates wins a prize each month! Florida Lotto syndicate play is definitely the way to go, and when you learn how to play Florida syndicate online as opposed to purchasing your tickets at a physical retail outlet, you have the ultimate convenience.

Simply follow one of the links we provide, open your account, select six numbers from 1 to 53, and pay for your tickets. The Florida Lotto is drawn twice a week, on Wednesday and Sunday, so you have twice as many opportunities to play and win. If your six numbers match those drawn on the date you play, you are the next Florida Lotto multimillionaire. Jackpots start out at $7 million and grow with no rollover, with a total of four prize categories giving you more chances to win.

Most Trusted Lottery Retailer For Florida Lottery Syndicate

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