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The Powerball lottery located in the US is a multi-jurisdictional lotto contest that involves multiple states. It is also one of the largest lotteries in the world and routinely puts up incredibly large jackpot amounts. Thanks to the United States Department of Justice ruling in late December of 2011, you can now buy Powerball tickets online from the safety and comfort of your own home, no matter where you live. You simply pick Powerball numbers the same way you would if you were at a brick-and-mortar retail outlet, but you don't have to leave your house, gas up the car, wait in line and spend valuable time when you can do everything you need from your favorite mobile PC in a matter of minutes.

It is really easy to buy Power Ball online lottery tickets and have access to the minimum $40 million guaranteed jackpot each week. Because of the size of the player pool, that is the smallest jackpot size you stand to win when you pick Powerball numbers from your laptop, smartphone, tablet or PC. Unlike some large lotteries which only draw once a week, you can buy Powerball tickets online for either the Wednesday or Saturday jackpot. The numbers are drawn at 11:00 PM Eastern time, and official cutoff time for picking Powerball numbers is typically several hours before ticket sales close so that the ticket agent has time to purchase your ticket for you,, so make sure you get your lucky numbers down in time to win. What kind of payouts are we potentially talking about? On February 18, 2006, the Powerball lottery delivered the third biggest prize ever awarded for one set of US numbers drawn in a lottery contest at $364 million. Not a bad payday for turning on your computer, choosing a few numbers and hitting enter.

How To Play USA Powerball Online

That was a very quick and broad overview of how to play Powerball online, so let's get into the specifics. Playing Powerball online gives you access to all the revenue generated by the residents of 44 jurisdictions in the United States as a shared jackpot. Every Wednesday and Saturday that there is not a winner matching all 5 Powerball numbers as well as the red Powerball, the jackpot rolls over and gets bigger. Simply choose five numbers from one through 59, and one Powerball number from 1 to 35. You can also use a quick pick or easy pick method. And you can win more than just a jackpot by playing Powerball online, as you only need to match three of the first five numbers and the red jackpot number to receive a substantial payment.

Beginning in January of 2012, there is an exciting new PowerPlay option that you can consider. It costs extra to play, but actually improves your odds of winning some amount of money to 1 in 55.41 chances! The PowerPlay number is totally different than the Powerball, and even if you miss all five of your original set of numbers, by matching the PowerPlay ball alone you get paid. Playing Powerball online and potentially receiving a life-changing payday is as easy as opening an account with a reputable online lottery retail outlet, such as the one featured here, who purchases your tickets for you in the correct jurisdiction, and sends you a notification when you've won.

You can enjoy playing Powerball right here with the WinTrillions sponsored player interface below. You'll be able to claim your buy one ticket get one free promo and login into your account if you're an existing player. Learn more about our playing board sponsor in our review of WinTrillions lottery services. If you're interested in learning more about our other two featured lottery agents, simply scroll down a bit to find our reviews on TheLotter and CongaLotto.

Where Can I Buy Powerball Tickets Online?

If you've asked yourself the question "where can I buy powerball tickets online", your definitely on the right website. We offer many different recommendations for buying your powerball ticket online through safe and established lottery sales sites. Choose to either fill out the form below or view the options listed lower on this page.

Buy Powerball Online Lottery At The Following Websites

Play US Powerball Lottery Tickets At WinTrillions - Daily Specials

Win Trillions Power Ball Lottery SalesWinTrillions is our featured lottery agent for buying Powerball lottery tickets online, They come in at the #1 spot for several reasons, including their fantastic daily deals and promotions which offers discounts, bonuses, and free tickets. WinTrillions delivers a great variety of purchasing options that includes multiple ticket purchases, subscriptions, and syndicate games. They boast the largest menu of syndicate game options in the business, and a truly superior record for customer support. An agent purchases your ticket on your behalf, and sends you an actual scan of the ticket via email. Your wins are also tracked and reflected in your account. WinTrillions is easily a top online lottery agent.

Buy Powerball Lottery Tickets At TheLotter - Buy 1 Ticket Get 1 Free!

Buy Powerball Tickets With ThelotterThe Powerball lottery game features one of the biggest jackpots in the world, and can now be played from anywhere in the world thanks to the emergence of online lottery agent services like This service actually sends a lottery agent to purchase your ticket for you and then sends your ticket to you digitally. Playing Powerball online truly simplifies getting in on the game for those players not located in a participating region. Even those living in the vicinity of a Powerball lottery retailer would probably prefer to take care of business online. is offering players a nice buy one get one free promotion that even applies to multi-draw purchases, allowing you to double your chances! with free entries! Players will be not be disappointed with the quality customer support, the robust banking suite, and the overall lottery experience!

Buy Online Powerball Tickets At CongaLotto - Get Free $5 Bonus at Sign Up

Play US Powerball Online at CongaLotto

Our last featured online lottery agent, CongaLotto, is the perfect spot for the selective lottery buff who is looking for a Powerball single draw or multi-draw lottery experience. CongaLotto provides a nice selection of purchasing options, a robust menu of the most exciting official worldwide lotteries, and a user friendly lottery picker interface that allows you the same great number selection processes as land based lottery retailers, only you don't have to get off the couch to make your picks! New players are treated to a free $5 welcome bonus at sign up that can be applied to your first purchase. You have 24/7 access to live support at CongaLotto, and their customer service team is highly knowledgable and responsive. CongaLotto accepts a variety of payment methods from International players, and USA players can make purchases using bank transfer options. Its never been easier or more convenient to play Powerball online!

Powerball States

The US Powerball lottery is very popular in a number of states, and is gaining momentum as more and more players discover that they can purchase powerball tickets online. Following is a list of the states in which Powerball has really become a popular and exciting lottery experience.

1. Buy Florida Powerball Tickets

2. Buy New York Powerball Tickets

3. Buy North Carolina Powerball Tickets

4. Buy Texas Powerball Tickets

USA Powerball Results And Winning Lottery Numbers

Okay, you have opened an account with a lottery retailer online, and purchased your set of lucky powerball numbers, so now what do you do? The answer is you come back to this page after the drawings Wednesday and Saturday night to see just how much money you have won, if any. We display Powerball results and winning numbers and update them instantly, and also have links to all the Powerball information you will ever need. So open an account, choose your own lucky Power ball numbers or use the quick pick option, and check back here after the Powerball winning numbers have been drawn. Good luck in your jackpot hunt, and don't forget us when you hit the big time!

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