You are probably reading our Lottery FAQ page because you may have some questions about lottery options and procedures online. Consider this your personal Lottery How To guide, where we will answer any questions you may have. First an overview. Although it sounds pretty straightforward, we cover how to win the different online lotteries, the cost and process of playing, exactly where you should go to access the top online lottery retailers and other lottery FAQ questions about lottery playing and winning online. After reading the “Lottery How To” questions and answers below, you will be fully prepared to experience the possibly life-changing rewards that online lottery play can deliver, without ever leaving the comfort and privacy of your home. The Powerball Lottery, MegaMillions Lottery, Euromillions, and FL Lotto are just a few of the exciting jackpot lottery games you can play online.

How To Win The Lottery

You probably know the answer to this, but we will cover it anyway. Different lottery contests payout for different outcomes. But generally, if you match all the numbers drawn in a particular lottery game in which you own a ticket for the particular draw date, you are a winner. Scratch cards require you to reveal images or numbers that match the designated winning images or numbers. Unfortunately there is no magic bullet here for winning.

How To Pick Lottery Numbers

Picking lottery numbers for online lottery games is available through either a quick pick option or a manual process. If you click the quick pick selector, your numbers are picked randomly for you. But if you have a favorite set of numbers, you can also manually choose them individually. There are also online guides and books which can help you intelligently pick your set of numbers.

Can You Buy Lottery Tickets Online?

In the United States, purchasing lottery tickets online was not legal until the United States Department of Justice ruled in 2011 that Intrastate US lottery play was legal. Buying lottery tickets online is legal in many locales around the world as well, and players have access to lotteries in the US and other countries, not just those offered in their home city or state.

How To Claim Lottery Winnings

The process for claiming lottery winnings for online play is much easier than it is in the physical world. In most cases, any winnings are credited immediately to your account. While there is no one process that is the same everywhere, the top officially licensed online lottery retailers payout in this manner.

What Are The Chances Of Hitting The Big One

The chances of winning the lottery depend on which game you play. It boils down to a simple probability process, and depends on the number and range of numbers you must select. For instance, in the popular Mega Millions game played in the US, the odds of correctly picking the chosen five numbers from 1 through 56, as well as the right Mega Ball number from 1 to 46, is approximately 1 in 175,711,536. You can of course increase your overall odds by buying multiple tickets, or by participating in a lottery syndicate. Each game is different, so be sure to consult the odds corresponding to the particular game you play.

How To Play Online Lottery

To Play Online Lottery is so much easier than participating in the brick-and-mortar lottery world. From the safety, comfort and privacy of your favorite laptop, PC or tablet you simply fund an account with a licensed online lottery retailer, choose the game you want to play, pick your favorite numbers and number of draws, and you are set. We provide one click easy access to all available official worldwide lotteries in our table below.

How Much Does A Lottery Ticket Cost

Different lottery tickets cost different amounts of money. Generally, if you are playing one of the established lottery contests offered in the United States, or one of the large international games, each ticket costs one unit of your current country’s currency. For example, US players would spend $1 US, and UK players would spend 1 Euro. The cost for playing any particular lottery can be found on any official online lottery retailer’s website

How To Buy Online Lottery

If you are wondering how to buy lotto tickets online, the process could not be simpler. As long as you deal with an officially licensed online lottery retailer, all winnings are guaranteed to be delivered, and we provide you with a list of only the top online lottery retail outlets that are officially licensed and regulated. Simply follow the links we provide in the table below, open and fund an online lottery account, choose your favorite game and pick your numbers. The process is exactly the same as with brick-and-mortar lottery play, except there are no physical tickets to keep track of, and winnings are delivered in most cases straight to your account.

Unfortunately there are no lottery sites to recommend that we feel meet the high standards players need and expect. We recommend players buy their tickets from official lottery retailers.

Where Can I Buy Online Lottery Tickets?

Only officially licensed online lottery retailers can sell lotto tickets on the Internet. If you are concerned about buying online lottery tickets from a less than reputable or illegal source, we have done the homework for you. We provide links to only the most reputable and officially sanctioned websites that deliver the opportunity for a life-changing payday. Simply click on the lottery below that you are interested in playing, and you will be directed to one of our premium online lottery agents. Should you desire to learn more about any particular lottery game, you can click on the ‘review’ option to a full review of the game and the various online lottery agents who offer that specific lottery on their menu. We’ve also provided a brief overview right here of the three premium online lottery agents that we trust and recommend to our visitors.

What Are Lottery Syndicates

Mentioned above, a lottery syndicate is nothing more than a lottery pool you, something you may already be familiar with participating in. When I worked in an administrative office the people I worked with and I went in together each week to buy Mega Millions tickets. We may be agreeing to a smaller payout by sharing, but we also improved our chances by purchasing more tickets without carrying the entire financial burden on our own. By adding your tickets to those tickets purchased by several other players, you increase your odds of winning and decrease your financial risk, with any and all group winnings divided equally. A lottery syndicate is a great way to instantly improve your odds of winning in a lottery drawing. Learn more about lottery syndicates and how they can improve your odds of winning visiting our informational page on Playing Lottery Syndicates.