Nearly every lottery jackpot winner that scores millions of dollars vows to help their family, assist their friends, and buy a big, new house. But those sentiments are being stated before they actually receive even one penny of lottery jackpot money. If past lottery winners are any indication of future purchases, the next Powerball or Mega Millions winner has a very good chance of buying breast augmentation, a new pair of knees, 300 trees or their very own whiskey label before making a more traditional purchase.

Cosmetic surgery is often a popular choice for the instant millionaires who hit a lottery jackpot, and one lottery winner even generously bought her two sisters bigger breasts. Sarah Cockings was just 21 when she scored a $5.17 million dollar jackpot, and she bountifully boosted the bra sizes of her two sisters with breast enlargements. A book released in 2010 surveyed dozens of million dollar lottery winners from all walks of life, and it claims that an incredible one in every four lottery jackpot winners they interviewed have invested in some type of cosmetic surgery.

Bob Bradley was a lifetime lottery player when he finally hit a substantial jackpot in 2006. Bradley took home $5.33 million, and then selfishly made both his son and his grandson instant millionaires by way of a very generous cash gift. And though his great grandson was too young to legally receive a sizable gift, the 83-year-old Bradley hired a private helicopter to take that great grandson to the school prom.

Peter Lavery followed through on the typical lottery winner’s promise to buy a lavish sports car, but he did not stop there. That one extravagant vehicle did not sate his appetite for luxury automobiles, so he bought another … and another … and another. Lavery spent a healthy portion of his $15.21 million jackpot on more than 40 cars altogether. And in at least one way, he made a very atypical purchase. The Northern Islander enjoys a lifelong love of whiskey, so he purchased his very own Danny Boy whiskey label.

Retirees Tony and Greta Dodd took down a $3.65 million jackpot in 2008, and when asked what their first purchase would be, they made what is probably a singular statement never delivered before or after by any other jackpot winner. The dance lovers said that a flashy car, a new home or globe trotting holiday was not at the top of their wish list. Instead, they guaranteed pain-free dancing to their hearts’ content for the rest of their lives when they booked themselves into a private clinic where they traded in their old knees, and several thousand dollars, for brand-new ones.

Lottery winner Wendy Brown bought a hair salon, Thea Bristow spent a portion of her million dollar jackpot payday on woodland and more than 300 trees, and David Funnell made the definitely nontraditional purchase of a flock of sheep. Now that you can play the lottery from the privacy and comfort of your own home on any smartphone or PC with an Internet connection, you do not need to leave your house to have an opportunity at joining the lottery jackpot millionaires on this page who made eyebrow raising purchases with their new-found wealth.