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Did you know that you have the United States Department of Justice to thank for allowing you to buy Oregon lottery tickets online? Whether you want to play the multi jurisdictional and multi state Mega Millions or Powerball games, or prefer the single state Oregon Megabucks game, you can now do so without ever having to travel to The Beaver State. In late December of 2011 the DOJ in the US decided that intrastate sales of lottery tickets in the United States should be legal. That opened the door for states to harness the power of the Internet by allowing you to pick Oregon Megabucks numbers via your favorite PC or smartphone, no matter where you live.

In 2006 lottery ticket sales in Oregon reached $1 billion for the first time, and you can now remain cozily ensconced on your couch or in your favorite recliner, power up your laptop, tablet or smartphone and pick Oregon lottery numbers without leaving your home, in an attempt to give yourself a shot at some really life changing winnings. This way you don't fight any long lines, you never have to rush to get to your local lottery retail outlet before they close, and you don't have to worry about keeping track of your tickets. When you buy Oregon lottery tickets online, you access all the advantages and benefits of a possibly powerful payday, with none of the negatives usually involved.

How To Play Megabucks Online

Want to know just how to play Oregon Megabucks online and never have to worry about actually traveling there? It is pretty much the same as you are used to if you have ever bought tickets from a physical lottery retail outlet. The only difference when playing Oregon Megabucks online, or any other Oregon lottery game that is offered, is that you first must follow one of the links provided below that takes you to a licensed and regulated online lottery reseller. After opening an account, the experience is the same, without all of the negatives we have listed above.

That's what makes playing Oregon Megabucks online, Mega Millions, Powerball or any of the other Oregon lotteries so much easier than playing from a brick-and-mortar lottery retail outlet. Any time you have literally a couple of minutes, you can log into your account, pick a new set of lucky numbers, and pay for your purchase, and you have just given yourself another chance at a multimillion dollar payday. That's all there really is in learning how to play Oregon Megabucks online. Now you just need to know where to go to see if your numbers match up to the numbers drawn for your game, and we have that covered for you as well.

Where Can I Buy Megabucks Lottery Tickets Online?

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Buy Megabucks Tickets Online At These Websites

MegaBucks Results And Winning Numbers

As your one stop online lottery destination, we not only provide you links to government recognized and officially licensed online lottery resellers, but we also give you access to the Oregon Megabucks winning numbers as soon as they are drawn. Oregon lottery results can be accessed through the links we provide below, and are posted as soon as they are drawn and verified. We strive to offer you a single destination for all your online lottery needs, whether you play the Oregon lottery, another US state lottery are one of the popular lotteries offered by another country. So as soon as you purchase your tickets, bookmark this page as a quick reference to check for your Oregon Megabucks winning numbers.

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