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Now thanks to the amazing power of the Internet combined with recent changes in international and national online lottery ticket purchasing laws, you can participate in one of Canada's biggest lotteries when you buy Lotto 649 tickets online from the comfort and privacy of your favorite PC. Recent Department of Justice changes in the United States means US lottery lovers can now join their global friends in participating in lotteries from around the world, and pick Lotto 649 numbers at home or on the go whenever they have a couple of spare minutes. Lotto 6/49 is the name of a Canadian lottery in which you have to pick 6 numbers out of a pool of 49 and match them all to become the next jackpot winner.

Winning numbers are picked randomly by the Interprovincial Lottery Corporation every Wednesday and Saturday, giving you two chances every week to win. With its first draw in 1982 as the first nationwide Canadian lottery that allowed participants to choose their own numbers, Lotto 649 is one of the oldest national lotteries offered online. With a minimum $3 million jackpot offered twice a week, when you pick Lotto 649 numbers online you could be as lucky as the 17 oil and gas plant workers who split a Canadian lottery record $54.3 million on October 26, 2005. So, what exactly do you have to do to buy Lotto 649 tickets online? Let's take a look.

How To Play Lotto649 Lottery Online

If you have ever played in a large national lottery of any type, you already know how to play Lotto 649 online. The only difference is you don't need to leave your home and travel to Canada to participate in this exciting and high-paying lottery. Playing Lotto 649 online simply means registering with an officially licensed international online lottery ticket outlet, funding your account with your preferred method of payment and purchasing your tickets conveniently from home, or any computer with an Internet connection. As mentioned above you draw 6 numbers from a pool of 49, and if you match all six you have won the jackpot. You also draw a bonus number, and if you hit five numbers plus the lowest number you win a second prize that is generally between $100,000 and $500,000. And learning how to play Lotto 649 online also gives you access to extra prizes available if you match at least three numbers.

Playing Lotto 649 is simple when you use one of the links we provide on this page that takes you directly to one of the top ranking, officially licensed online lottery ticket outlets. It is free to open an account, then you pick your lucky Canadian Lotto 649 numbers, pay for your purchase, and you could be the next lucky winner. There are also subscription options available which allow you to instantly play your favorite numbers on multiple draws, and syndicates you can join which give you a much better chance to win by playing with other ticket purchasers. All the lottery information we provide is free of charge, and the lottery outlets presented here and on our website are officially licensed for legal online lottery ticket purchases in the United States and around the world.

Players are able to play Canadian Lotto 649 right from this page with Congalotto, where you'll also be awarded a free $5 no deposit bonus when you sign up for an account.. We also provide a CongaLotto review for those who want to learn more before diving in. If you're interested in reviewing additional lottery agent options, scroll down below the player board and you'll find a short review on our featured lottery agent: WinTrillions.

Play Lotto649 Online Lottery At The Following Websites

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Lotto 649 Available At WintrillionsBeing able to buy Lotto649 lottery tickets online is indeed a modern convenience that can revolutionize lottery participation! One aspect that you will generally only find at an online lottery agent is the luxury of subscription and syndicate purchase options. WinTrillions is an online lottery agent that specializes exclusively in lottery subscriptions and lottery syndicates. Lottery subscriptions are for a designated period of time, and saves you money with the multi draw discounts. The lottery syndicates are a completely different animal altogether and can dramatically increase your chances of winning. The syndicates are a shared jackpot options, so you get a lot more bang for your buck as far as entries, but with a reduced jackpot share. Since your odds are better, many people are ok with the reduced winnings as they feel they have a better chance of walking away with some cash. WinTrillions features Daily Deals that offers discounts, bonuses, and free tickets!

Canadian Lotto649 Results And Winning Numbers

So, you have opened an account with an online lottery tickets website, purchased your tickets and now all you need to know is if you won. So where do you go for Lotto 649 results? Just check below for convenient links to compare your lucky numbers against the Lotto 649 winning numbers. As well as providing access to the top ranked online companies which give you 24/7 access to the largest lotteries in the world, as part of our dedication to providing the most free online lottery information located on the World Wide Web, we post the winning numbers as soon as Lotto 649 results have been verified. Bookmark this page for easy access to Canadian Lotto 649 information, as well as info regarding any and all available online lotteries.

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