Euro Jackpot LogoDid you know that you can now buy Euro Jackpot tickets online no matter where you live in the world? Officially started in March of 2012, this may be the newest multinational lottery, but since it pools all the money from lottery tickets purchased in 8 European countries and worldwide online purchasers, your potential payday can be massive. Yes, without leaving your house, and from your favorite PC or smartphone, you can pick Eurojackpot numbers online after opening an account with an officially licensed international online lottery reseller, and buy Eurojackpot tickets online, all in only a few minutes.

Available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week from any computer, the ability to now pick Euro Jackpot numbers online rather than having to be physically present in one of the participating European countries extends around the globe. And when you buy Euro Jackpot tickets online your chances at hitting the jackpot payday never offer less than €10 million ($12.4 million US) to the winner. You’re probably wondering now just what you have to do to pick Euro Jackpot numbers online. It’s done through one of the reputable online lottery retailers we review here.  Let’s take a closer look.

Play Eurojackpot Online At One Of Our Trusted Lottery Retailers

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How To Play Euro Jackpot Lottery

Learning how to play Euro Jackpot from the privacy and comfort of your home no matter where you live in the world is surprisingly simple. That is because playing Eurojackpot online is pretty much like playing any lottery that you have in the past from a physical lottery retailer, with a couple of big differences. You must first open an account with an officially licensed Euro Jackpot online lottery ticket reseller, and buy online lottery provides convenient links for you here on the page, meaning that you could be playing Eurojackpot online in the next few minutes. Oh yeah, you never have to leave home, wait in long lines or worry about buying your tickets at the last minute, and end up missing a potential payday.

As far as how to play Eurojackpot in a technical sense, you simply choose 5 correct numbers out of 50, and then another 2 numbers out of a possible 8. The winning numbers are drawn once a week in Helsinki, Finland, and you can also win smaller but still significant cash amounts other than the jackpot. Okay. So you bought your tickets online, and the drawing has been made. So where do you go to find out if you are the next multimillionaire thanks to the Eurojackpot transnational lottery? Just look below.  For additional options, just scroll a little further down to learn about WinTrillions, the lottery agent known for their expanded lottery subscriptions and lottery syndicate options.

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WinTrillions is the place to be if you’re looking to buy Eurojackpot lottery tickets online through either a subscription lottery service or a syndicate option. WinTrillions targets players who are looking for a more intense and expanded type of online lottery experience. The subscriptions offer discounted rates for multi-draw subscriptions that cover your lottery draw entries for a designated period of time. The discount works similar to bulk purchase discounts. The syndicate option provides improved odds of winning through a shared ticket purchase effort. You will not find single draw purchases at WinTrillions. They also feature Daily Deals in which they offer discounts, free tickets, bonuses, and other promotions to give you more bang for your buck!

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Eurojackpot Lottery Results And Winning Numbers

As part of our efforts to provide the most inclusive and instantly updated lottery information found anywhere on the World Wide Web, we publish Euro Jackpot results as soon as they have been drawn and verified. When you bookmark this page, you’ll never have to worry about where to go to access the Eurojackpot winning numbers, finding links to verified and licensed online lottery resellers, or getting links to all the international lotteries available online that are offered anywhere in the world. Posting verified Euro Jackpot results is just one of the free services we offer, and we wish you nothing but luck when playing the new Euro Jackpot transnational lottery online.

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