Hoosier Lottery LogoUpdate June 2017: The Indiana State Lottery, also known as the Hoosier Lottery, is no longer included in the offerings at our recommended online lottery sites, or at any online lottery site for that matter.  The game is still available to play, however, tickets must be purchased in person at brick and mortar retail locations. If the status of this game in regards to online access ever changes, we will update this page accordingly.

The Department Of Justice’s Legal Opinion issued in 2011 regarding the Federal Wire Act has lifted any restrictions in place that prohibited states from allowing online lottery options.  The Indiana state lottery is the only US lottery game that uses the state’s nickname instead of the state name as its moniker. Indiana also offers Mega Millions and Powerball lotteries, and the Hoosier Lotto is also known as the Indiana lottery.

To buy Hoosier lottery tickets online, you will need to pick any six numbers between one and 48. There is no special Powerball number or PowerPlay number involved, making this is one of the most simplistic lotteries you will ever participate in. Some lotteries demand that you choose from a pool of up to 59 numbers, and with the lower 48 number pool when you pick Indiana lottery numbers, you are giving yourself better odds at winning the jackpot which begins at a minimum of $1 million. After two consecutive drawings without a jackpot winner, the Hoosier Lotto jackpot increases by $500,000 per draw.

How To Play Hoosier Lottery Online

With your odds of winning some type of prize standing at one in seven chances, playing Indiana lottery online delivers some of the best odds found in any million dollar jackpot nationwide. And learning how to play Hoosier lottery online also means the possibility of being one of their more than 100 jackpot winners since 1994. With over 25,000 cash prizes and over 170,000 free Hoosier lotto tickets awarded each week, this is one online lottery that seems to pay off. Simply follow one of the links provided on this page and you will be taken to a registered online lottery retailer. Play your favorite numbers or choose the quick pick option, and your lottery tickets are purchased for you. Then you receive a notification when you win. It really is that simple.

With Indiana adding the new Tag 6 feature that gives you a chance at up to an additional $100,000 in winnings, playing Indiana lottery online just got more exciting. To take adavantage of this option, you simply match your Tag 6 digits from left to right to give yourself a shot at the extra prizes. Just say “yes” to the Tag 6 feature when purchasing your Hoosier Lotto tickets online, as there are over 8,900 winning Tag 6 tickets awarded every week!

You can play the Hoosier Lottery right from this page with WinTrillion’s Hoosier Lottery playing board below. You can pick your numbers and make your purchase right from here! You can learn more about WinTrillion Online Lottery Services, or for information on our other featured online lottery agent, just scroll down a little bit further to our table that contains our recommended brands.

Where Can I Buy Indiana Hoosier Lottery Tickets Online?

Hoosier Lottery tickets can no longer be purchased online at this time.  While this is disappointing, there are quite a few alternatives to choose from.  The sites listed below offer a healthy selection of US based and Internationally based lottery games that can be played online.  We are not aware of why the game was dropped from the licensed lottery agents that were covering it, but we will update this page should that situation change.

Recommended Online Lottery Retailers For Indiana Lotto

Site Name Bonus Rating USA Friendly Visit Site Review
WinTrillions Logo Daily Promotions 5 Star Rating USA Friendly Site Visit Site Review
LottoKings Logo Daily Promotions 5 star Rating USA Friendly Site Visit Site Review

Hoosier Lottery Results And Winning Numbers

If this game becomes available again, we will resume posting the Indiana Lottery results here.  Due to the fact that tickets cannot be purchased online, we don’t think anyone will need us to post draw results.

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